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Trelise Cooper

A woman's first Trelise Cooper experience is the start of a lifetime love affair.

Each season, revealing the latest Trelise Cooper collection is like the unveiling of a romantic and eclectic art exhibition. Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create the final beautiful result, which ultimately delights both the wearer and the observer.

Establishing her business in 1985, Trelise Cooper, the unconventional force behind New Zealand's most successful fashion empire, has built her brand through trusting her own instincts as well as a natural sense of beauty and design by which the world has become intrigued.

The brand's three labels - Trelise Cooper, diffusion range Cooper by Trelise and whimsical childrenswear label Trelise Cooper Kids - are adored across the world, with a high

profile clientele including Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus, Sun Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts and Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks.

The power of Trelise Cooper has also translated into three luxurious brand extensions - Trelise Cooper Jewellery, signature fragrance 'Trelise' and Trelise Cooper Interiors. With twelve flagship boutiques worldwide plus over three hundred stockists across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia, the brand has cemented its presence on the international fashion stage.

The award winning flagship boutiques are an intrinsic part of the Trelise Cooper experience, each designed with the philosophy 'Fashion is the theatre of dreams". Envisioning each boutique as a stage for women to explore the most glamorous and sensuous versions of their characters, the brand instantly captures a woman's imagination and lures her into a boudoir of dreams, a place every woman deserves to discover.

Celebrating a woman's innate femininity is the thread that runs through every Trelise Cooper collection. Designing with the female form at the forefront of her mind, Trelise has been hailed for her attention to a woman's needs. "A lot of attention, thought and love goes into each garment. Every detail and every pleat and pintuck is lovingly and carefully thought out. I think about a woman's body, what she wants to reveal and what she wants to conceal. I think about what she might want to do in these clothes, who she might want to be with."

Trelise will often look to strong female characters who themselves have surpassed a certain era or time to leave their mark. Women with courage and confidence in their own thoughts, a quirkiness of character and often a hint of rebellion.

Inspirational figures from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Frida Khalo have featured within her ranges and bring with them a strong sense of style as well as female empowerment.

These influences, along with touches of inspiration from movies, museums, history books and vintage clothes inspire Trelise and her long-standing design team in the continual search for their next muse. Scouring the globe from Tokyo to New York to Paris to India enables them to source the most exquisite fabrics and find inspiration in the wonderment and beauty of different cultures. By approaching design with an adventurous spirit and an inclusive world view, Trelise Cooper surpasses cultures, borders and creeds to inspire women the world over through the art of fashion.

So who is the Trelise Cooper woman? Or can she be summed up at all? "She's not afraid to show her personality," explains Trelise. "She's unconventional. She has a sense of humour. She's quirky. She's a risk taker and has the courage to express herself. She's not trying to conform to the look of the season. She's brave. She is sexy. She is vulnerable at heart but strong when she needs to be."

Trelise Cooper - giving women the freedom to engage with fashion without being dictated by it.


Air New Zealand Uniform

Air New Zealand, the country's national carrier and winner of two International Airline of the Year awards in 2010, opted for a touch of Trelise Cooper magic when the designer was selected from twenty five local and international designers to redesign the airline's uniform.

This exciting new uniform will be introduced in 2011 to coincide with the introduction of a new fleet of 777-300 aircraft. Providing a contemporary twist on New Zealand themes, the vibrant colour palette will tie in with the release of Air New Zealand's new aircraft interiors. Highlights of twilight pink for cabin crew. godzone green for ground staff and sky blue for ground and inflight managers will be underpinned by black and white pinstripe suiting.

Trelise's passion for self empowerment ensures the uniform will convey each wearer's unique personality, while allowing staff choice in the garments to address body type and personal preference.

Trelise Cooper - Air New Zealand Uniform 01

Environmental Policy

Trelise Cooper - Eco Bags Green carbon certifed organisation logo 2009

The team at Trelise Cooper are committed to promoting environmental sustainability while playing their part in protecting the beautiful planet. The company is Carbon Friendly as certified by New Zealand's premier environmental company Green Carbon, and is proud to promote the use of stylish reusable bags in their flagship boutiques.

The Trelise Cooper Group has also partnered with New Zealand's largest and most prestigious supermarket chain, New World, to produce supermarket eco bags that promote the beauty of sustainability and discourage the use of plastic bags. Since the launch of these in 2008, over 150,000 bags have been sold with exciting new designs released twice a year which make it fun to be fashionably green.

Another rewarding project Trelise Cooper staff are involved in is the Partners for Parks programme which includes tree planting initiatives at spaces such as Scandrett Park, an area treasured from Trelise's childhood summers. In June 2010 Trelise Cooper staff planted 1000 trees including karaka, kanuka, pohutukawa. flax and kowhai. We look forward to continuing this in the future to ensure beautiful spaces like this are enjoyed for generations to come.


'Afford generosity of spirit to those around you.'

Empathetic, creative and passionate, Trelise Cooper is well known and respected for her company's sponsoring of both charitable and ideological causes, supporting many organisations through fundraising initiatives. These organisations include the Breast Cancer Research Trust, Habitat for Humanity, Tomorrow's Foundation, YWCA's Future Leaders Program, Odyssey House, Shine and the NBR NZ Opera.

Breast Cancer Research Trust

Trelise Cooper is proud to have been Patron of New Zealand's Breast Cancer Research Trust since 2007. Her appointment as Patron was due to Trelise's long standing support as well as her determination to help realise the Breast Cancer Research Trust's goal of finding a cure for breast cancer by 2018. The Trelise Cooper Group endeavours to raise awareness, and regularly fundraises for the trust through events. fashion shows and various design campaigns. If you wish to offer your support or find out more please visit their website.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a charity close to Trelise Cooper's heart, and her company supports their work in many ways. The ultimate goal of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty and homelessness from the face of the earth by building adequate housing for everyone. Trelise has spearheaded two housing projects for this charity, including the New Zealand Team for the 2009 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Thailand: and a women's build during New Zealand Fashion Week 2009 which invited female designers and media to lend a hand. If you wish to offer your support or find out more please visit their website.

Tomorrow's Foundation - Kolkata, India

Tomorrow's Foundation is an organisation committed to the all-round development of children from the most underprivileged backgrounds in India. Their goal is to support children to become self-reliant and enjoy their right to a dignified life. Trelise Cooper was introduced to this charity in 2004 on a visit to a fabric supplier in Kolkata and has lent her brand's support ever since, believing Tomorrow's Foundation's work to be vitally important. If you wish to offer your support or find out more please visit their website.