Social Responsibility

Ethical sourcing and sustainability has been an integral part of our brand for many years. Trelise Cooper Group operates under a mandate of ethical values, integrity and kindness; it is at the very heart of everything we do. We are deeply committed to strong ethical standards and social responsibility.

Trelise, a passionate designer for more than 30 years has formed strong, long-held relationships with a select group of artisans, beaders, manufacturers and suppliers who share our love of beautiful, hand-worked garments, distinctive and unique fashion and who also support and align with our very clear high standards of ethical and social compliance and sustainability. We are passionate about supporting the economic and social wellbeing of these skilled workers and their communities. Trelise Cooper Group is proud to partner with incredible garment manufacturers in New Zealand, China and India.

From the beginning of our international sourcing journey from India and China, Trelise and the production team have personally visited factories, participated in morning prayer, staff education programmes, and shared meals with the staff.

We have developed an Ethical Code of Conduct that covers key issues of fair living wages, child labour, hours of work, justice, safety, diversity and we require all employers – our suppliers and manufacturers – to work within the Code. We expect a commitment of strong ethical practices, taking responsibility, encouraging respect, inclusivity and empowerment, and committing to a culture of progressive sustainability.

We are strongly committed to making positive changes to our supply chain. We will continue to improve and evolve our practices, constantly reviewing this document. We acknowledge that we have more to learn and work through, develop and evolve as new research comes to light and we understand more about the effects on the planet and how that affects the workplace conditions for the beautiful and talented individuals who create our garments.

We thank our loyal Trelise Cooper customers for their ongoing support and patronage of our stance on ethical and social compliance in the workplace. Through your appreciation of beautiful clothing we can continue contributing to a fairer living wage.